High School Course of Study

This is the course of study required by Legacy Christian PSP in order to receive a diploma, for all students graduating in June 2016 or later.

Bible 40 Units
English 40 Units
Mathematics 20 Units
Science 20 Units
Social Studies* 30 Units
Visual & Performing Arts 10 Units
Physical Education / Health 20 Units
Speech 10 Units
Modern Language 20 Units
Electives 50 Units
Total 260 Units

Carefully consider which classes to require of your son or daughter. A student prepared for college does not necessarily have to attend college after high school graduation. However, a student not prepared to attend college may regret it later. Students entering labor jobs not requiring extensive college would still benefit from the extra classes and self-discipline gained from following a college prep course of study.

Also, please review the academic requirements for:

University of California System
California State University system

or the specific school of your choosing, as the requirements of each individual institution may vary.

* Includes two semesters of World History with Geography, two semesters of American History, and one semester each of Government and Economics.