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Frequenty Asked Questions2022-04-05T11:25:30-07:00

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

Everything starts with an interview with a member of our staff. You can schedule an interview today.

Do you allow charter or community school funded children to be enrolled in your program? Are state funds permitted to pay for classes?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

No. We are a Christian organization thus we don’t accept state funding.

What activities and/or events do you offer?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

We offer a variety of field trips and events for all ages.

Do elementary school students get grades?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

No. Parents are teaching core classes. We offer fun, engaging enrichment classes with no homework.

When do you publish Junior High and High School grades?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

Grades are given at the end of each semester- January and May.

How many students are in Jr High and High School Classes?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

Class size ranges from 5-25 students.

What is the difference between enrichment classes and Junior High and High School Credit Classes?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

Junior high and High School Classes are a la cart classes where the teacher does the teaching, planning, and grading and assigns daily work. Pay the teacher directly ($400/class) and allow someone else to do the heavy lifting! Students will meet in person once a week and complete daily assigned work on their own.

Can parents attend park days?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

Parents are required to attend park days and field trips with their children.

Are masks required?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00


Are vaccinations required?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

We ask that you submit your vaccination cards upon enrollment, however, we allow for religious exemptions.

Which homeschool curriculum do you recommend?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

We allow parents to decide which curriculum is best for their children. Here are some of our favorite curriculum options:

Is testing required?2024-03-13T20:41:39-07:00

No, we do not require testing. Testing should be done by the parent, in each subject, throughout the year.

What ages are eligible to join?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

We offer programs from Pre-school to 12th grade.

Can fees be paid monthly?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

All membership and class fees can be paid monthly. In order to pay monthly for enrichment classes/membership fees, automatic payment must be set up on our website to be deducted July-June. Or, parents may choose to pay in full with a check on July 1 of each school year. Jr. High and High School Credit classes are paid per semester, on the first day of each semester.

How much does the PSP cost?2022-04-09T13:50:41-07:00

The membership fee is $600 per family (includes yearbook). You may decide if you would like your child to attend Enrichment classes or Jr. High/High School Classes at our Chino Hills or Rancho location. Class prices:

  • Preschool-8th grade Enrichment classes:
    • $300/student per year
  • Jr. High Credit Classes ($100 enrollment fee for 1-2 classes, $200 enrollment fee 3 or more classes)
    • $350/year, per class.
  • High School Credit Classes ($100 enrollment fee for 1-2 classes, $200 enrollment fee 3 or more classes)
    • $350/year, per class.
What if I have a question?2022-04-05T11:26:21-07:00

We’d love to answer your questions! Go to our contact page and send us a message.

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